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During this 2021 to 2022 year we have completed our four thousandth custom AR15 rifle, which was a further milestone for us. We have reinvested in more state of the art CNC equipment for our expanded workshop facility’s, which has allowed us to increase our parts range and production capability, we now also supply several American AR 15 producers with Hi Tech alternative parts and systems, with exports to the USA now forming over half of our turnover. It is a source off continued consternation to us that some shooters actually re import parts that we make and sell here as well as in the USA. At present if it is plastic we don’t make it if it’s alloy or steel we have a one or more versions in production or planned  For our return and multiple gun customers, please accept our thanks for your continued support and know that we shall try our best to continue with a line of innovative and high quality rifles and accessories and provide support and upgrade services to keep your rifles unbeatable. 

Since we started producing these rifles, we have been aware of the laws concerning the conversion of semi automatic weapons to Section 1 UK legal firearms, we have therefor either made our own major component (the lower receiver) or in the early days contracted an American company to do that for us and register the serial nos with the US BATF as single shot only at manufacture. The serial nos of lower receivers purchased from the US without that specific registration are listed by the BATF as semi automatic or fully automatic rifles ( in the USA the lower is the rifle ) the implication is clear. Should you decide to purchase from another source your rifle, for your own security, ensure that this has been done. 

 For our rifles, we now produce all types of high accuracy, lower receivers, bolts, carriers and many special parts that go to make up a finished SGC Custom Rifle. 

 Whilst the AR-15 and M16 style rifle has become our major preoccupation since twenty years ago, next year will be our fifty first year as Rifle makers, during that time many sections of legislation have been enacted to make the most law abiding element (shooters), of our society, into scapegoats for an increasingly lawless and paranoid environment created by the ceaseless erosion of standards, responsibility’s and personal freedoms. 

 Long may we continue as responsible shooters to maintain ours. 

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